Monarch Electric Company Testimonial

To whom it may concern:

Mike Sleppin's Paradigm sales course is a winner and it can make you one, too. The menu (time management, handling objections, closing, etc.) may read like the usual fare, but Sleppin is a master chef, dishing out a gourmet feast of philosophy, insight, and street smarts that transcends the basics.

Don't mistake this offering for a quick fix, motivational pep-talk designed to "pump up the troops" for this quarter. The approach here is deeper - - probing fundamental issues of professionalism, customer relations, goals and achievement, strategy, effectiveness and pride of purpose.

I enthusiastically recommend Sleppin's course to you and your sales staff. Transform your sales force and yourself - from "professional visitors" to purposeful, effective professionals performing at the summit of your abilities, it is an investment that pays off handsomely even before the course is completed.

Very truly yours,
Raymond Johnson, Sales Manager