M. Sean Duffy, Esq. Testimonial

Dear Mike,

I'ts 6:00 p.m. Sunday night and instead of thinking about subway series baseball, I've been reflecting on the last ten weeks we've worked together...

When I first spoke with you and learned about the Sales Course, I have to admit I was a little hesitant to shell out my hard earned dollars, not to mention my valuable time, for a course in anything other than the law. Being an experienced litigator, I already knew how to communicate persuasively, so I wondered if this course would have any benefit.

However, since the new clients weren't exactly knocking down the door, I figured I'd make the investment of time and money--what the heck, the ten weeks are going to go by either way, and the price is tax deductible anyway, right?

I have to tell you now, I'm sure glad I did commit to the process. The materials are first rate and the weekly assignments are very manageable for a busy person. However, the thing that impressed me the most was the value of working with an experienced coach like you.

I doubt I could have extracted on my own the insights you imparted each week during the one-on-one sessions. The concepts in sales are deceptively simple, and that's the danger of working on them alone. I am quite sure I would have absorbed most of the material, but I don't believe I would ever have caught the subtleties of human psychology that really make up the "meat" of this course. The practical methods outlined in the course are so different from anything I've ever encountered in my work or in my reading - including law school- that I might never have used them without talking them through with someone who really knows this stuff!

What's particularly exciting, besides all the new business I'm sure to bring in, are the additional benefits to the Paradigm Premise. I have more time in the work day, more time in my free time and, most importantly I'm making more money and I'm happier for it!

--M. Sean Duffy, Esq.
White Plains, NY

PS: The course has already enabled me to bring in more than enough business to cover the investment!