Stop the War Between Sales and Marketing

by Nina Tucker

Stop the War Between Sales and Marketing

Many of the Marketing and Sales departments I’ve worked with operate in strict silos. This approach is detrimental to achieving goals for the organization. When this happens, lackluster sales and subsequent finger-pointing often result. Sales teams don’t get the quality of leads they need. Without market and customer intelligence, Marketing cannot build compelling campaigns.

Revenue goals can be met or exceeded by ensuring that Marketing and Sales teams work together in the following ways:

Set universal goals for everyone involved. Goals set the tone for decision making, prioritization, and success. Set clear goals and be sure everyone understands how they will impact meeting those goals.

Involve both in the entire sales process. Share sales reports and other data to help Marketing evaluate campaigns and promotions and adjust them for better outcomes. It can uncover ways to generate leads better. There is no judgment to be made here. It is about achieving results.

Exchange competitive information. In their day-to-day responsibilities, both Marketing and Sales uncover valuable information regarding the competition. Every bit of it is critical in clarifying your value proposition.

Share customer feedback. Sharing what customers ask or talk about when Sales is engaging with them sheds light on what is most important to them and can be incorporated into messaging. Similarly, if Marketing surveys clients, sales must be privy to the results enabling them to adjust their approach.

Be on the same page. At the minimum, ensure Sales and Marketing are consistent in their message relative to value, product features, and benefits. Strive for a unified brand and voice. Suppose a customer reads an email or follows the company on social media and engages in a Sales call with a completely different tone and message. In that case, it’s off-putting and detrimental to the buying process.

Be transparent. Make sure Sales knows when Marketing campaigns are running, what they are saying, and the current results. Catching a salesperson off guard when a customer refers to a campaign they saw or responded to is never a good experience for either party.

Collaborate. Analyze and measure results as a team. Each brings a perspective that will help the team reach its goals.

Whatever it takes – holding regular meetings, issuing regularly timed reports, circulating updates – invest in a good working relationship between Marketing and Sales.