Pssst - - - -Here's a Sales Secret for You

by Paula Kibbe

Ok, well, it's not really a secret but it's a concept that many people seem to forget about. Here it is: don't seek to MAKE money - seek to EARN it. If you want to be successful in generating leads and creating a situation in which one makes a decision to pay you or your company for goods or services, don't SELL to people. Instead - earn trust and establish relationships. People don't trust who they don't know.

In today's economic environment, people are skeptical about everything - who to vote for; whether or not to make a move or do nothing (which may be perceived as safer than making the "wrong" move), and most importantly, they're skeptical about spending money. Americans don't trust their mortgage companies, politicians, banks so why would they trust a salesperson? Many folks overlook the simplest ways to begin earning trust so here's a quick recap:

  1. show up on time to appointments
  2. take pride in your appearance, be polished and professional
  3. know your product or service
  4. provide something valuable to them by way of referrals, assistance, knowledge - make it truly about them and not what you want from them
  5. ask their permission to contact them again to follow
  6. follow up when you say you will follow up (no sooner, no later)

If you do these things, you will have in place a solid foundation of trust. Continue to have integrity and be honest with your prospects; send them articles of interest or let them know about business or social events that may be important to them.

Take the time to build a relationship and get to know your prospect. Let them know who you are - as a person, not a salesperson - and the good news is not only will you have gained their interest and favorable attention; you will have earned their trust. And you will likely earn referrals, too! So go out there and EARN your business!