Our Most Precious Asset

by Bill Kille

Time is Our Most Precious Asset

A young boy goes running to his grandfather. “Look, grandpa. I found a penny. I’m rich.” Wouldn’t it be great to have an appreciation for things like a young child does? Ordinary things that we take for granted are precious through the eyes of a child. Too often, we don’t realize how valuable they are until they are gone. Money seems to have great value to many of us, but what if there is more to it?

What if you received a voucher in the amount of 86,400 every day, but with stipulations? Every day you must spend the full amount. Any amount left unspent will be taken away. You can’t transfer the 86,400 but, you can use it to help others. Any day you receive the gift, it will be for the same amount. However, it can stop at any time, without any warning.

We get this gift every day of our lives- not in money- but in time. Each morning when every one of us awakens, we receive 86,400 seconds. We can use each second for ourselves, our family, our friends, our jobs, etc. But whatever we don’t use, we lose. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow cannot be guaranteed.

No amount of money can bring time back, and you can’t bank time for the future. Treat time as your most precious asset. Enjoy every second of your life. Appreciate why it is called the present. All we have is 86,400 seconds a day to use, so use them as wisely and as fully as you can.