The Importance of Wondering as You Plan for 2022

By Doug Brown

The Importance of Wondering as You Plan for 2022

Even while daylight is getting shorter and the days colder, I love this time of year because I am inspired to take the time to dream and plan.

I use this period to examine what I have achieved this year and envision what I can accomplish in the following year. We tend to hit what we aim at is a simple yet powerful phrase.

There has been tremendous press coverage of the Great Resignation. Millions of people have already decided to move their lives in a different direction and have taken action. We can identify a generalized list of possible reasons, but circumstances vary from person to person.

Often, the individuals' values have changed or intensified, or conditions have changed dramatically enough to get them to take action.

I understand decisions like these can significantly impact those they used to work with and for. That said, don't you agree that all of us have an obligation to ourselves and others to live a fulfilling life? You don't always have to quit to start making changes, you know. So- when will you start making your life even more fulfilling?

It is always a good time to examine our most important values and reconcile how we can change and adapt to live them more frequently. Is it easy? Not always. Can it be worth it? Absolutely.

As you begin to think about what you want for yourself (and those around you), here are some questions to consider:

  1. What three values are most important to me today?
  2. How can I better incorporate these values into what I do?
  3. How else can I immerse myself differently?
  4. So I don't burn out, how can I practice more self-care?
  5. How will I amplify my growth and development as a business owner?

Let's now shift from a personal to a business perspective. I like to ask my clients the following to help them think more expansively.

Fill in these blanks.
If only I/we could _________, I/we would be able to _______.

When answered with an opportunistic (vs. fatalistic) mindset, this thought process becomes powerful from several points of view. It begins the envisioning process - What IF...? Second, this provides an opportunity to think about the desired emotional and logical future state. Third, it naturally leads to examining what perceived obstacles might hinder us at present. Fourth, our minds quickly begin the possible solutions identification process.

Like I said at the outset, I love this time of year to reflect and set new targets. I hope you do the same.

Are you stuck? Call us. We have lots of goal-setting tools and assessments at the ready.

Together we can figure it out!