Goal Setting is a Vital Use of Your Time

by Bill Kille

Perhaps the best we can do is become very good stewards of time by creating your “Perfect On Purpose Day”. Organize your day around the activities, events, appointments, and goals that you identify. Select a time you would start your day based on your optimal start time. Prioritize your top 6 goals in each of the following categories:

Goal Setting is a Vital Use of Your Time
  • Health Development
  • Social Development
  • Family Development
  • Financial Development
  • Mental Development
  • Spiritual Development

Then, take the #1 goal in each of your 6 categories; pair them into 3 pairs of 2 [like brackets in a tennis tournament] and choose the winner in each bracket. With three remaining goals choose the top 2 and select the winner of that pairing and you now have prioritized your 6 top goals.

Begin to fill in your time slots hour-by-hour in the workweek calendar. Remember to schedule your meals, family obligations, work time, personal time, etc. Schedule time for each of your top 6 goals with the following rule: your #1 goal will have the most time of all the goals every day. The remaining 5 are to have at least some time every day. As your day progresses each goal has some time dedicated to it and you’ve created the “Perfect on Purpose Day.”