You Just Rocked My World

by Howard Litwak

As a Certified Business Coach, Howard specializes in helping Business Owners, Executives, and Managers Improve their ability to set and achieve goals, develop success oriented thinking and habits and refines their skills. He believes that success in business is driven by individuals and teams who have the right combination of these things. Howard has clients that span across 30 different industries. When you meet him, you'll immediately see why he has been so successful across so many business sectors. He mixes big picture thinking, with practical, results oriented actions, and an ability to challenge peoples thinking in a positive way so that they can take different actions. And he is pretty fun to be around. Howard's approach pays rich dividends for clients who put a premium on professional competence, continuous improvement, being the best that they can for themselves and their customers, and will do what it takes to break out of the "status quo."


This is a recent quote from a client I have been working with on time management issues. He had progressed to the point where he was eliminating most distractions. Planning was being done using a weekly perspective, which allowed for him to more effectively deal with the unexpected on a daily basis.

"You've made a lot of progress! Here is your next evolution." I then asked "What do you view your major roles in life to be?"

"That's easy" he replied. "Father, Fiancé, Company President, Rock Star." (He's been in a band for 20 years.)

I then drew this table for him:


Company President
Rock Star

"When you set up your week" I continued, "list your top three goals for each role. Refer to this list daily as many times as necessary to make sure you keep your focus on what you have decided is most important to you. As long as you are always working on something on this list, you are productive."

This is what led to the "you rocked my world" comment. "I've been totally ignoring some of the most important areas of my life!" Jason said. "All I have been setting are business goals. Man, I have really been missing out!"

Can you relate?

This is one of Steven Covey's principles of personal management. If you apply it, it will help you be more effective by proactively organizing your week to accomplish key goals in every area of your life.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Write down your key roles. Consider your upcoming week and write down the key areas you see yourself spending time in.
  2. List one or two or three important results you feel you should accomplish in each role during the next 7 days.
  3. Look at your week ahead with your goals in mind and schedule time to achieve them. This can be a certain day of the week as a priority item. Or set a specific appointment with yourself.

Try it. You will be empowered to "put first things first." Let me know how it works for you!