You're at the Controls of a Vast Source of Power!

by Howard Litwak

As a Certified Business Coach, Howard specializes in helping Business Owners, Executives, and Managers Improve their ability to set and achieve goals, develop success oriented thinking and habits and refines their skills. He believes that success in business is driven by individuals and teams who have the right combination of these things. Howard has clients that span across 30 different industries. When you meet him, you'll immediately see why he has been so successful across so many business sectors. He mixes big picture thinking, with practical, results oriented actions, and an ability to challenge peoples thinking in a positive way so that they can take different actions. And he is pretty fun to be around. Howard's approach pays rich dividends for clients who put a premium on professional competence, continuous improvement, being the best that they can for themselves and their customers, and will do what it takes to break out of the "status quo."

Vast Power

This is the Caterpillar 797F, the worlds largest truck. It's has a 4000 horsepower v20 engine and is a staggering 687 tons fully loaded. It's an enormous, incredible machine. If you look up at the top, you will see where someone sits, two and a half stories up, to guide it. I'm reminded of the similarities of this vehicle to the human mind.

Just imagine being at the controls of such a vast source of power, roaring down the road. Would you just fold your arms and let it run itself into a ditch? Of course not. (At least, I hope I'm not around if you do.) OR would you keep both hands firmly on the wheel to control and direct this power to a specific worthwhile purpose? It's up to you. You're in the driver's seat.

Similarly, controlling and directing the incredible power of your mind is the key to success. The Law of the Mind states that if you think positive you get positive and If you think negative, you get negative. The key point is: WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT!

We are the sum total of our own thoughts. What you think today, tomorrow, and next year will mold your business, your life, and determine your future. What many people don't realize is that without making a CONSCIOUS EFFORT to think thoughts that are positive and of a constructive nature, the default is negative. It's time to develop a healthy respect for your thoughts! They are going to determine the future that you live in. You need to eliminate from your mind all considerations of conditions, circumstances, or anything that might imply a negative outcome. Refuse to give power to any negative conditions or to admit for a second that what you want to achieve will not come!

This is how many people get in their own way. (Can you relate?) When you influence your mind with negative thoughts, it responds accordingly. You are taking the massive power at your disposal and running it into the ditch. So here is a powerful question you should think about: Are you doing this without even realizing it?

The story you write for the rest of this year will be the direct result of the thoughts in your mind, your self talk, combined with your execution disciplines. Here is what you need to finish your year with the results you want:

  • Crystal clear goals
  • 100% commitment to achieving them
  • A mind that refuses to entertain self-doubt or accept outside circumstances as an excuse to fail

If you are serious about improving in any of these areas so you can close 2013 strong and start 2014 fast, contact your favorite Paradigm Associate.