What is Passion and Hope Worth to Your Business Bottom Line?

by Janice Giannini

With a deep mastering at the intersection of IT and business strategy, consultant, board adviser and former C-suite executive, Janice has been harnessing the true power of IT for more than 30 years. An Executive and Board-level digital strategist at the intersection of risk and IT, she enhances competitive position through vision and equity with large-scale risk identification, quantification and mitigation in an ever-changing marketplace, generating long-term value for clients. She engages with senior executives and teams, particularly in complex businesses where misalignment is blocking their desired success, to develop and execute practical business strategies and plans. Clients have found her especially helpful when they recognize they must integrate an eagle's eye and worm's eye view in order to identify and remove obstacles. Janice has consistently taken on those challenges that others chose to run from. This typically involves those challenging times when failure is not an option and integrating business, technology and people changes must be accomplished simultaneously. As a result, many of her clients are complex organizations who won't settle for anything less than developing widespread professional competence.

As I was working with a client recently, we were discussing Values. We go through this exercise in order to reaffirm the values of the organization as well as to ground everyone.

Immediately prior to this discussion, the energy level in the room was moderate. As we started the discussion and it proceeded, the energy level in the room continually rose until there was a spirited discussion of the values of the organization.

At that moment in time, I thought, how cool would it be, if every day in every business, all team members brought that level of energy to bear on solving business issues, addressing customer needs and actively helping to grow the business?

I invite you to consider that passion for what you are doing and a sense of hope that whatever the current business environment, your business team will effectively grow your business; can be your secret weapon to win!

Do you wake up every day passionate about what you are doing?

Do you know what you need in order to feel passionate and hopeful about your business' future?

If your answer is not what you wish it was, how would you get in touch with that personal passion for your business?

Do you believe that your team members wake up every day passionate about what they are doing?

Do you know what it would take for all of your team members to feel passionate and hopeful about your business' future?

How can you assist them to get in touch with their passion?

What would it mean to you, your results, your associates and the teams' results if you were all passionate about what you were doing on a daily basis?

As I started this workshop, I saw a talented group of people.

As the workshop concluded I saw a talented passionate team ready to do what it takes!

Frequently we hear from business leaders that people just don't understand or do not appear willing to work together effectively. How might re-energizing your personal passion and hope for the future impact and guide your team?

Exercise: Tomorrow morning when you wake up. Stand in front of a mirror. Open your eyes wide and really look into your own soul. What do you see?

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