Spirituality and Success

by Rob Long

Known over the years as both Bob and Rob, Bob is a Regional Director with Paradigm. Bob is passionate about helping organizations and individuals get what they want out of life.When working with organizations, Bob helps his clients align their resources with their goals by identifying which systems: people development, strategic planning, and/or operating processes need to be strengthened and refined. Implementing proven techniques, Bob delivers a measurable positive Return on Investment (ROI). When working individually with individuals, Bob brings a holistic approach to coaching that helps the individual identify and reach his or her desired goals for business and personal success, with an emphasis on harmonizing the two for the best quality of life possible.

Spirituality and success aren't words that are typically linked together, isn't that a shame? At Paradigm our definition of success is: "Success is the continual achievement of your own, predetermined, personal goals stabilized by balance and purified by belief." Key to this definition are "balance" and "belief". Have you ever considered that spirituality may provide you both? In these demanding times it's not uncommon for successful people to experience an imbalance between their professional and personal areas of life. Spirituality is often a personal area busy professionals want to develop further; to help them strike a better balance between the professional and personal sides of life. For many, spiritual teachings, like the Judeo-Christian Bible, the Koran, the Tao, and others have provided a touchstone or foundation that can be revisited to examine those values and beliefs that you choose to guide your life going forward.

In addition to enhancing life balance, and clarifying and strengthening values, another benefit to considering one's spirituality is enhanced self-awareness. Understanding why we react the way we do is an important step in breaking free of limiting attitudes and habits of behavior that hinder success. I have found that juxtaposing my thoughts, behaviors and feelings alongside the scriptural prescriptions of my own faith has provoked introspection that has promoted deeper self-understanding. This has proved empowering as I seek to create and live the life I desire; "the continual achievement of my own predetermined personal goals!"

Spirituality and success are not mutually exclusive and can go together. Here is hoping that blessings abound in your life from all the sources you have available to you. If you have questions on how deepening your spirituality can make a difference in your life, personally and professionally, write to me at rlong@paradigmassociates.us.