Don't Confuse Marketing with Selling

by Mike Sleppin

Mike Sleppin's specialty is creating significant positive change in people-intensive industries whose business environment is changing rapidly. For example, since 1989, Mike has worked with firms touching every facet of the construction, transportation and printing industries as well as the other professional groups (Architects, Accountants, Engineers, Commercial Insurance etc) that service those niche markets. As a highly experienced, global business traveler, he helps small to mid-sized organizations understand and plan for their successful expansion into global markets. As a result of Mike's body of work, organizations achieve the goals that are important to them on a regular and consistent basis.

Paradigm is in the business of providing personal services to clients.

From these lips you will not hear that marketing is not important: it is. However, selling skills and the time one devotes to selling is even more important!

If your vision for the future is "I intend to be great", what are the actions you should take starting now? For instance, what should you do regarding prospect analysis? How effective do you need to be in understanding a prospect's needs? Do you understand what the value to the prospect could be, if that prospect worked with you?

Since you represent the value of the personal service that will be provided, what is the process in place to be seen as the ideal individual to be hired to do what is needed? Only by having, and then executing the process, can you be seen as an investment and not an expense.

Are your contact frequency patterns great enough to become great?

What are the standards of performance that you have instituted so that you can measure what you are trying to accomplish?

When we are in a service business the prospect will own a perception that can't be replicated by a third party.

If sales are not where they should be for you to be great, is it due to

  • too few presentations?
  • call reluctance?
  • inability to get enough appointments?
  • lack of phone ability?
  • too few prospects because of too few appointments?

The question that should be mulled and an answer supplied is "why me?"

In a few words I've put down one hell of a pile of work. It's not the recession/depression. If you are able to add just two target list clients every month would that get you close to your vision?

Every one of you is already successful. Do you wlsh to become significant?