January First: Inspiring A New Beginning!

by Janice Giannini

With a deep mastering at the intersection of IT and business strategy, consultant, board adviser and former C-suite executive, Janice has been harnessing the true power of IT for more than 30 years. An Executive and Board-level digital strategist at the intersection of risk and IT, she enhances competitive position through vision and equity with large-scale risk identification, quantification and mitigation in an ever-changing marketplace, generating long-term value for clients. She engages with senior executives and teams, particularly in complex businesses where misalignment is blocking their desired success, to develop and execute practical business strategies and plans. Clients have found her especially helpful when they recognize they must integrate an eagle's eye and worm's eye view in order to identify and remove obstacles. Janice has consistently taken on those challenges that others chose to run from. This typically involves those challenging times when failure is not an option and integrating business, technology and people changes must be accomplished simultaneously. As a result, many of her clients are complex organizations who won't settle for anything less than developing widespread professional competence.

As I approach 2013, I am humbled and incredibly grateful for my abundant life, surrounded by people who care about me and want me in their lives. I am grateful for our accomplishments and success along the way. I am especially grateful for the trust of our clients and the opportunity to help people get more of what they want and less of what they don't.

My challenge for 2013 is to remain aware of my blessings while embracing the present and the future. If you are anything like me, you are asking yourself these questions.

  • What do I want for 2013?
  • What really inspires me?
  • What job do I need to do this year?
  • How can I be more open to important opportunities?
These are heady questions for January 1! But the answers are critical to being present in the moment and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

What do you want for 2013?
Do you want a year that is:

  • The same as last year?
  • A source of renewal, growth, and innovation?
  • A source of inspiration, fulfillment, and success?

What really inspires you?
I'd like to share a story about getting in touch with your inspiration. One of my hobbies is ballroom dancing. I am often asked which dance I like best, and my response is always the same: I like them all. I dream about being on "Dancing with the Stars," even though I am neither a celebrity nor a star. Every December, my dance studio puts on a showcase. It's an opportunity to dance with friends and family, create a choreographed routine to stretch yourself, and show off a bit.

This year, I waited until the last minute to decide to dance (a long story for another time). So I found myself dancing a new routine with a new partner with not much time to prepare. My new partner has an unusual coaching style. To me, it felt like we were spending too much time on basic technique and not nearly enough on the routine. We practiced, and I faithfully did my homework. I spent hours practicing to improve my balance on the dance floor. A few days before the event, it dawned on me - beautiful dancing is about balance and harmony with the music. The best way to achieve that is to conquer the basics so you don't need to think at all.

I'm sharing this story with you because dancing and feeling the music is the source of my inspiration. When I am in harmony with it, I unleash my inner self, and it all comes together. During that time, the feeling of renewal/emotional growth/physical release and the connection with my partner, the audience, and the other dancers is awesome.

Recognizing how balance on the dance floor feels (and how it feels to be slightly out of balance) is enriching. Once you experience that incredible connectedness, you want to feel it in other aspects of your life.

The showcase was a huge success. We had a wonderful time, truly dancing as one, and the audience was engaged the entire time. It doesn't get any better than that. Notice I didn't say one word about the dance steps or the costumes.

As we walked off the floor, I had two thoughts. How do I hold onto this feeling of being a truly integrated self, and how do I bring this to the other aspects of my life?

Getting in touch with your inspiration is a way to recognize how you want to feel and what you want to bring to the rest of your life.

What job do you need to do during 2013?
Once you figure out what you want for 2013, you'll be able to determine what jobs need to be done to achieve the desired outcome.

What if you could tap into your source of inspiration and passion?

  • What jobs would it be possible to do?
  • How would your inspiration infect others around you?
  • How would you handle challenges?
  • How would you feel about innovations?
  • Would you feel about success?
  • Would your success allow you to lead from a position of strength?

How will we be open to opportunities?
Barring a traumatic event in your life, renewal, growth, innovative solutions to chronic challenges, success, and fulfillment require us to become expert at the basics.

In other words, we need to let go of

  • Perceived shortcuts
  • Quick fixes
  • Definitions and opinions from others counting more than your own
  • Habits that no longer serve you well

Make 2013 a year of inspiration, success, fulfillment, and innovation by reaching within to find your sources of inspiration - and practicing the basics!