Is Your Strategy Failing (Or Non-Existent)?

by Doug Brown

Since 1985, many of the largest organizations of their kind in the world have tapped into Doug's consulting expertise and experience. As a management and sales consultant, Doug works side-by-side with an organization's senior executives and teams of thought leaders on issues of strategic importance. Together they quickly distill what strategies and tactics will be necessary to achieve their desired business results and metrics, whether via top line sales growth or bottom line profitability. Business leaders who relish intellectual stimulation and don't shy away from being asked 'tough questions' will get the greatest benefit as a result of working with Doug. Organizational leaders who are willing to question their own underlying assumptions and proactively embrace change truly appreciate his thought provoking approach. To stay grounded in reality, Doug insists that everyone bring all of their business acumen and common sense to the table. He then finds a way to leverage it to their collective benefit. As a result, they experience a tremendous return on their investment.

Any of these symptoms are telltale signs that your strategic and business plans may be out of touch or out of date.

Ask yourself:
Is my organization's business performance in decline with no clear strategies and tactics in place to deal with the true problems? Is esprit de corps falling? Are people at all levels seriously worried about the competition taking away market share?

Are there staff members, particularly those with longevity in the company, who still don't know what the current mission and objectives really are?

Do our executive management and ownership meetings often end in disagreements over philosophy? Are there frequent what-do-we-do-next discussions? Is mistrust and sniping toward others creeping in?

Are problems involving work schedules and missed deadlines becoming more frequent? Is active cooperation between teams and top leaders rare or nonexistent? Is there competition for scarce internal resources, turf guarding, and people jockeying for position within the firm? Are members of various teams or departments doing their own thing without a coordinated, cohesive plan that everyone adheres to?

Again, any of these symptoms are telltale signs that a review of your strategic and business plan is strongly recommended for immediate action. Call on us to help you get it right again.