Ideas to Think About for Moving Forward

by Paradigm Associates LLC

What follows is the result of our continuing conversations with resources from all over the world. To make it easier on all of us to compartmentalize and process, these thoughts and considerations have been grouped into related areas.


Strategize long term, but manage short term.

Scenario Planning - What's Next?

  • How do we move beyond our internal views and look at the whole ecosystem?
  • What are the scenarios we can expect in the next periods, i.e. after we all go back to work?
  • How will market turmoil change or color our point of view?
  • How can we deal with US and global economic uncertainty?
  • How do we leaders think and prepare for the next unseen crisis?
  • What is in our NEW playbook?
  • What is the new contingency plan? (Disaster planning)

What new or changed aspects of leading people will we need to take into consideration going forward?

  • e.g. Access, style, team dynamics, virtual water cooler, etc.

How do we integrate basic management/leadership skills training into everyone's weekly or monthly schedule?

Leaders at every level need to hear the truth (personal and /or professional). Share how you are feeling and reacting.

How have customer expectations changed?

  • Digital / ease of use, speed, account security, logistics, safety,etc??

Do we need to communicate with our customers differently?
What subject matter do we need to communicate that we never thought about in the past?

Does our business model address the new realities? Are we adequately agile?
Is our current organizational structure and definition of job roles working as optimally as we require?
If not, what should we consider changing?

How do we ensure people have the tools, files, and infrastructure (IT) to be productive?

  • What are realistic expectations about working remotely, everything from providing office supplies to IT infrastructure?

What business processes (digital and paper) do we expect to have to further modify?

How can we appropriately recognize people and teams and celebrate wins for those who have done extraordinary work during this time?