Focus on Meaningful Goals

by Eileen Nonemaker

Eileenís long, successful career in sales and sales management makes her an easy choice for those leaders and managers who are responsible for generating revenue and achieving corporate goals and have no time to waste getting there. Clients appreciate her ability to help them quickly select, assess, train and develop their sales teams whether they are selling products or services. New teams get brought up to speed quickly and experienced teams develop what is necessary to perform at the next level. Through goal setting, skill refinement and the development of accurate forecasting skills, she has helped both individuals and teams develop strong success strategies. Utilizing her formal training as a business coach and consultant to supplement her natural ability to connect with people, Eileen gains the trust and respect needed to interact with both leadership and team members. When coaching individual clients, Eileen becomes a 'lady on a mission' to help them succeed. Eileen is able to help them stay focused on their objectives and establish goals that take them to that next level in their personal and/or business lives. Her coaching typically involves teaching people how to set measurable goals, how to look at goals objectively and how to re-evaluate them periodically to stay on track. Eileenís goal as a coach is to help her clients find the right balance between career and family so they have the best of both worlds.

As we end one year and dive into another, it is most common to put together a list of what we want for the New Year. Some of us call them goals, other say resolutions - but basically, they are all the same thing. Often these goals or resolutions are the same ones we noted this time last year, but never achieved. Sometimes we have new areas of concern.

How can this upcoming year be different? How about greater focus? By limiting ourselves to one, maybe two resolutions with a concentrated effort or attention paid to them, we might see better results. By focusing on the most meaningful goals, we may be better able to stick with them.

The big challenge is determining what is most meaningful to us, and this is not necessarily an easy task. Is it tangible, a material item, or something intangible, but one that is very real. Is it the smile of delight on your kid's face when you make two of their sporting events in a row? Or is it saving the money for a new vehicle? No matter what it is, it must be important and meaningful or we won't give it the effort and concentration required. We must choose the one thing, if achieved in 2013, will make the year a total success - focus on it - plan it and make it happen.