Are You Doing Enough Marketing?

by Mike Sleppin

Mike Sleppin's specialty is creating significant positive change in people-intensive industries whose business environment is changing rapidly. For example, since 1989, Mike has worked with firms touching every facet of the construction, transportation and printing industries as well as the other professional groups (Architects, Accountants, Engineers, Commercial Insurance etc) that service those niche markets. As a highly experienced, global business traveler, he helps small to mid-sized organizations understand and plan for their successful expansion into global markets. As a result of Mike's body of work, organizations achieve the goals that are important to them on a regular and consistent basis.

If your business or organization is to maximize opportunities, a marketing effort must be in place and executed well. What is marketing? Marketing is the process of planning and executing, the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services that achieve the goals of your organization. That's quite a mouthful. In less elegant form, marketing is the armor, air force, navy, etc., while sales is the infantry. The infantry can't win without the support which will augment and enhance its capabilities.

The first thing you must understand is that the business must know the business it's in. What you do is not that business. Allstate sells insurance, but that is not the business they're in. The business Allstate is in is peace of mind. The technical term for the business you are in is positioning. Positioning is not what you do with your product or service, it is what you do with the mind of the prospect. When you are able to have the prospect see your organization as the solution to its problem(s), your sales will follow. The success of your marketing efforts is defined by the market's need recognition in relation to that which you are providing. Do you know how to develop a strong brand name for your company? Until you develop and promote a strong value proposition, you will not answer the prospect's question: "Why should I buy from you?" Do you know where and how you add value to a client's business? When you are able to get, keep, and grow customers, you will have a successful, profitable business.

How much time did you spend on marketing last month? Was that enough?