Create a Climate Environment to Develop Customer Loyalty

by Howard Litwak

As a Certified Business Coach, Howard specializes in helping Business Owners, Executives, and Managers Improve their ability to set and achieve goals, develop success oriented thinking and habits and refines their skills. He believes that success in business is driven by individuals and teams who have the right combination of these things. Howard has clients that span across 30 different industries. When you meet him, you'll immediately see why he has been so successful across so many business sectors. He mixes big picture thinking, with practical, results oriented actions, and an ability to challenge peoples thinking in a positive way so that they can take different actions. And he is pretty fun to be around. Howard's approach pays rich dividends for clients who put a premium on professional competence, continuous improvement, being the best that they can for themselves and their customers, and will do what it takes to break out of the "status quo."

I recently had a conversation with a colleague around customer service (internally and externally) in organizations.

The question we were after an answer to was "How does an organization create a climate/environment by design which provides the opportunity for individuals to maximize their involvement in best serving the customer?"

That question raised these questions:

  • What is the overall strategy for customer service?
  • How is it communicated?
  • How is it rewarded?
  • How does the organization's processes support the strategy?
  • How does management know where they are in relation to the strategy?
  • How does the organization interact with employees when they perform well?
  • How does the organization interact with employees when they perform poorly?
  • How do they train for commitment?
  • How do they train for competency?
  • How does the organization connect with the customer?
  • How does the organization celebrate success?
  • How do they celebrate effort?

What we concluded was that if an organization has carefully thought through the answers to all of these and acts consistently in a way which supports all of these areas, they can create a sustainable change in the organization from the inside out and bring all service to a new level. And that is called competitive advantage.

So, back to the original question. If you are looking to maximize your employees involvement in best serving your customer, start putting thought to the secondary questions. If you don't have answers or don't like your answers, you might consider talking to your favorite Paradigm Associate. This is one of our areas of expertise!