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Seasons Change. Do We?

With all the internal challenges we create and experience whenever we are facing change, in contrast, nature doesn't seem fazed by the prospect of change in the least.

I Was so Busy Keeping My Job, I Forgot To DO My Job!

Frequently, making a difference and achieving some measure of success requires unpopular and troublesome choices. The alternatives are fraught with unintended negative consequences, and some might say that leadership of any kind is about choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable (to paraphrase John Galbraith).

Is Good Customer Service Alien to Your Clients?

Organizations that don't see customer loyalty as a point of strategic differentiation may be looking at their business through the lens of short-term focus. Knowing and communicating the lifetime value of a typical customer to the staff can provide them a framework for maintaining customer relationships, rather than looking at them from a transactional basis.

Time Management Problems? They're Not What You Think

Time management problems are not even time management problems. They are GOALS CLARIFICATION problems. When you are clear on your goals, you know how you should be spending your time.

What Smart Companies Are Doing to Address the Tech Talent Shortage

The most cost effective, direct way to address the problem is to tap into the pool of already interested and highly qualified

How to Change Your Mindset about Business Development

There are tremendous rewards that come from helping people solve problems.

The US is Throwing Away its Competitive Advantage

"The mere desire to not be biased is not enough to overcome decades of cultural conditioning and can even lend more credence to post-hoc justifications," writes Thomas. If tech culture is going to change, everyone will have to change, especially men and most especially leaders.

Advertising Values or "Living Our Values" Can We Tell the Difference Anymore?

The principle role of leadership of any group be it government organization, company, department or work team is to set the core values that drive the team. If asked the direct question, "what are your core values?", many, if not all leaders would recite the company's value statement that hangs on the wall or in some cases is printed on a card they carry in their pocket. The question is no longer can we read it and remember it. We have succeeded with that necessary first step. The question at this point is, "Are we living them?" Do we have "advertising values" or do "we have values we live".

Independence Day and a Powerful Lesson in Achievement

Analyzing the events which led to the Declaration of Independence shows principles that must be used by every individual and organization to succeed.

Did You Do Your Homework?

In in a sales career, the work "homework" has a different meaning. When I asked my team that all important question - Did you do your homework? - I meant did you

Protect Your Identity

There are many steps people can take to safeguard their identity; although there is no ironclad guarantee it will be safe.

Wanna' Fight?

It's not uncommon to shy away from conflict even if it is simple disagreement.

Why Effective Questioning Leads to Sales

When you ask a question, the receiver is compelled to respond, either aloud if the question is direct, or silently if it is rhetorical.

Aha Moments and Double Edged Swords

The conclusion of the researchers was that collaboration appeared to have opposite effects for the stage of searching for information and the stage of searching for solutions.

What Makes for Long-lasting Teams?

The key factor was not whether they argued or not, but the presence of 4 specific behaviors that tended to predict (with 93.6% accuracy), whether the marriage would eventually end in divorce or not.

Close the "Knowing-Doing Gap"

There is a great tool available to organizations to help close this gap. It is called goal achievement. Not goal setting. Setting goals is not enough. It's only a start. We are talking about "doing" here.

Living Full Out - Embrace Your Grief- Go beyond What You Thought You Could

Somehow we must learn not only to meet sorrow with courage, which is comparatively easy, but with a serenity, which is more difficult, being not a single act but a way of living.

Are You Operating Like the Fortune 500?

Here are some general "right things" this organization is doing. If done right in your organization they will help refocus the senior team, align everyone to the same page, drive execution and the results, and increase cash flow and profitability.

A Crucial Conversation

a "crucial conversation is one between two or more people where: 1) the stakes are high; 2) opinions vary; and 3) emotions run strong."

Are You Running Your Business Based on Industrial or Knowledge Era Principles?

What if your redefined your job as being responsible for aligning your company's needs with the four core needs of employees? What if you held yourself accountable for inspiring, focusing, and recharging

Spending more time in Quadrant II

There are only twenty four hours in every day and seven days in a week. Understanding that we don't control time, but we can control how we use that time is key in avoiding the stress of multiple priorities. Having a TO DO list is great, but prioritizing that list is even more important.

My Wish For You in 2015 and Beyond

the many lenses we use to understand the world also affect our perception of gratitude and abundance.

Did You Hear What I Intended to Say?

Approximately 80% of communication is nonverbal, but the words we choose still have a huge impact in setting ourselves up for success or failure. Often, the message you intend to send is not the message that's received, causing compromised communication, frustration, and poor results.

Improving Employee Performance

A recent WorkTrends report out of Rutgers paints a rather bleak picture of how Americans are currently feeling about work

Why Just Muddle Along When You Can Be Great

It has been determined that transmission of your values motivates your employees and has a positive emotional impact on those employees.

Is it Time for a Fall Tune Up?

What I have discovered in all my years of sales and sales management is that this information is not always communicated to the ranks - the sales team whose activity and success affect these monthly and quarterly numbers do not always understand the correlation between their daily activity, forecasting and the organizations' annual goals.

Communication Breakdown

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

Why Plan For Anything Else?

Great business leaders consistently say that striving to do your very best is a fundamental requirement for success. Clearly, planning and then delivering are critical. But what kind of plan is required?

What Do You Fail To Notice?

It's critical for us as leaders to think about the impact of simply not paying attention to the details.

Attitude Adjustment

The good news is that attitudes are developed and therefore can be changed, developed further, or improved.

Silence or Violence

When it comes to difficult conversations the challenge is not only being willing to engage in them, but to make them constructive - an experience that builds up rather than tears down.

Is It Time For a Mid-Career Tune-up?

The biggest challenge each of us has is the lightning pace of change going on. As you give up control of what was important yesterday you gain control of what is important today. When you gain control of that which is important today, you become a star.

Generational Differences vs "Is this the right person for the job?"

Nothing is fool proof, but the odds are in our favor when we know more about the person we are hiring; personality, generationally and skills wise.

Your Most Important Skill

Let's face it, when everyone agrees on the actions, plans, desired outcomes, or processes, achieving goals is fairly straightforward. When there are differences in opinions and strongly held ideas or beliefs, the process can become fraught with emotions.

You Just Rocked My World

"I've been totally ignoring some of the most important areas of my life!" "All I have been setting are business goals. Man, I have really been missing out!"

Your Business Execution Checklist

A successful organization is one where all the parts are working together (are in alignment). These organizations are innovative, customer responsive, and prevent fires

Untangling Social Media

This is the biggest transformation of communication with consumers in our lifetime, so to not learn how to participate in those channels is outrageous. To stand on the sidelines is not an option.

It's the Soft Stuff That Matters

I believe that motivation and optimism are two ingredients that will assure success.The person who says "I can't" and the person who says "I can" are usually both right.

"The More You Get out of this Book, the More You'll Get out of Life!"

These are the very first words I found when opening Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book is filled with easy to apply principles of human relations which, from experience, will improve your communication skills, increase your ability to persuade others, give you more harmonious interactions, help you get what you want, and overall will change your life.

Decide your Professional and Reputation Success Now!

this applies directly to our approach with clients on improving professional and reputation success; getting more of what they want and less of what they don't want.

In 2014, Do We Know How to Get Closer to Our Customers?

If you could develop symbiotic relations with key customers, would that result in 2014 being the best year of company or organizational growth since the enterprise was started? If you believe that this would likely happen, read on.

CFO as Catalyst for Opportunity

I recently read a report sponsored by Accenture, Oracle and Longitude Research. While they titled the article CFO Catalyst for Change, my interpretation aligns better with CFO Catalyst for Opportunity!

Lesson Learned - Eliminating "Try" From Your Vocabulary

To "try" is to "make an attempt or effort" to do something, not necessarily to do it.

Do You Communicate Honestly?

We often don't trust government, we often don't trust those we have business dealings with or we don't trust some who are closest to us. In your organization, when people feel betrayed because their managers don't seem to trust them what impact do you believe that has?