Time Management

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Are You More Productive Then You Were Five Years Ago?

Less people doing more work, ever changing demands from our clients are certainly causes of lost productivity and lower morale. In my experience, the biggest culprit of lost productivity is uncertainty.

Speaking Up Is Hard To Do!

If you research the topic, you will uncover scientific studies that explain the changes in your brain and plausible explanations for why it is hard to do.

Focusing for Process Improvement: a Quick Look

Successful leaders know that perfection is impossible yet the effort to improve is a constant in successful organizations. This is based on the reality that there is no steady state in life, either things atrophy and die or

Fix the Toaster

Cost containment has become the mantra over the last several years for almost everyone. People have been accepting the thought, sometimes reluctantly, that they need to do what it takes to survive the downturn.

When Results are Disappointing

When we are feeling disappointed about the results we produced I often wonder if we truly understand the sources of our disappointment.

How to Improve Performance by Saying No

Consider how many times you have had conversations with a person to determine if there was sufficient interest to move forward. When you determine there really isn't enough reason to move forward, how often do you call the person and just let them know that? How often do we avoid the call because we are uncomfortable saying the word "No"?

Schedule Your Priorities

Stephen Covey expressed it in terms of a compass being a better tool for time management than a watch. In other words they shifted their paradigm from trying to cram more activities into less time to just doing the things that were really important to do. They concentrated on the few activities that contributed the greatest value.

9 ¬ĺ Tips to Get Things Done Video Script

Over the past 20 plus years we have been helping businesses to get things done. During that time, we have found that some of the main reasons that "things don't get done" are related to an incomplete understanding of the: scope, urgency, overall risk, as well as customer perspective of the job. click here to watch the video

Getting the *%$^%$ Project Done!

What is the difference between those who can and those who will struggle? Here is a tongue-in-cheek treatment that you may appreciate.

Managing to Get Things Done

Managing a project, especially on a large scale, requires thorough planning which will pay off in the completion of it. The more thought you put into it, the smoother things will run and the less time you will be spending scrambling on your contingency plan.