Leadership & Management Effectiveness


Making Better Decisions

Rather than focus on why we make bad decisions, I invite you to shift the focus. Ask yourself, "How can we as leaders make more effective decisions?"

You're at the Controls of a Vast Source of Power!

Just imagine being at the controls of such a vast source of power, roaring down the road.

Your Next Big Idea Could Be the Difference Between Having a Future or Not Having a Future

Firms that invest in their innovative capabilities during tough economic times will be the ones who will benefit most when better times return.

Get Ready to Grow

"If your budget was created for economic headwinds, then now is the time to revisit your assumptions"

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why Anyone Would Want to be Led by You

Most people who find themselves in a position of leadership have no idea what that position demands.

Risk Management: Plan, Then Execute

Thinking critically about risk and developing a comprehensive plan is one of the most important things an executive can do for their company, and many companies treat the creation of a risk management plan as a check-the-box exercise.

Taking Some of the Guess Work Out of Hiring the "Perfect" Candidate

Recently I have spoken to two clients who are relatively new to the hiring process. Both have expressed frustration in screening resumes and getting the right people into the interview process, ultimately making the right choice.

Are You More Productive Then You Were Five Years Ago?

Less people doing more work, ever changing demands from our clients are certainly causes of lost productivity and lower morale. In my experience, the biggest culprit of lost productivity is uncertainty.

Is Your Strategy Failing (Or Non-Existent)?

Ask yourself: Is my organization's business performance in decline with no clear strategies and tactics in place to deal with the true problems? Is esprit de corps falling? Are people at all levels seriously worried about the competition taking away market share?

What's the Right Level of Risk Management?

Companies that do successful risk management tend to address the basics first.


We must start in our schools and continue to innovate in our businesses.

Are You Doing Enough Marketing?

If your business or organization is to maximize opportunities, a marketing effort must be in place and executed well.

Leadership and Change

The ultimate test of whether you are an effective leader is: do you get things to happen, and do they get done effectively. Only the most effective leaders will be able to ride the slow upward swing of the economy.

January First: Inspiring A New Beginning!

What really inspires you? I'd like to share a story about getting in touch with your inspiration.

Money Comes In, Money Goes Out

As a business owner, have you found more money going out the door than coming in the door? Is there too much month at the end of the money?


A vision is a statement about where you want your company to be in the future as compared with where it is today. Creating your vision can be considered discovering your future.

Focus on Meaningful Goals

The big challenge is determining what is most meaningful to us, and this is not necessarily an easy task.

Do You Have a Healthy Risk Appetite?

It has often been said that it's not the problems you know about that get you into trouble, it's what you think you know and don't, that is the issue.

A Management Case Study

Just a few weeks ago I had a conversation with a business owner, who frustrated with the monthly revenue shortfalls and the upcoming projections presented by the sales manager, decided to take matters into her own hands. She side stepped the sales manager and implemented

The Key to Success: Global Leadership. Really!

It has been opined by Fareed Zakaria of CNN that we are in a Post- American world. It is a world not dominated by the United States and not by anyone else yet, either. He has also opined that the key ingredients for economic and social success in the 20th Century were labor and capital. While the key ingredients for success in the 21st century will be ideas and energy.

Build Your Agency

When we work with professional, independent insurance professionals who want to build their agencies, we meet partners and owners who want to grow their agencies in specific ways. One practice-development tactic that can be successful is to build a niche. This is a good way to grow your book of business when you do it in the right way.

Flourish into the Future

I recently read the book The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. To be presumptuous and summarize 350 pages in a few sentences, the essence of the book is that goods and services are no longer enough. The authors hypothesize that there is a progression of economic value that correlates price, competitive position (i.e., differentiation), and customers' needs.

Business Building Tip

A key to developing relationships that really work in business building is to identify who and what kinds of businesses you should build relationships with and focus your efforts on with those people.

Drive Forward through Public Relations

As you may know, public relations (PR) is a function under the marketing umbrella, alongside advertising. While there are similarities between the two and they can (and often should) complement each other, the biggest difference between them is how your company is perceived.

Effectively Managing Technology Risk

In today's world, with rapidly increasing capabilities becoming available, managing technology risk can be a daunting task. Therefore, the question arises: if you were to focus on one or two actions which will make the most difference in managing that risk, what would those actions be?

Short and Effective Ways to Manage Change (Transition)

Implementing significant organizational change (transition) is a primary responsibility of management. The form and structure of an organization; the processes used; products and services provided; and people hired, trained and assigned to jobs are the strategic responsibilities of those in management. The day-to-day responsibilities of what must be done to achieve success rests with the majority of an organization's workforce. The differences between management and employee roles needs to be clearly understood when judging organizational performance.

Focusing for Process Improvement: a Quick Look

Successful leaders know that perfection is impossible yet the effort to improve is a constant in successful organizations. This is based on the reality that there is no steady state in life, either things atrophy and die or

Next Level Leadership

It isn't something that can be defined with words in a dictionary, but is instead an inward intangible force that radiates from you in all that you do.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

As I perused the pages reading the accolades of The Top 100, I started to realize that this group appears to have something quite significant in common. They all questioned conventional wisdom. They did not dismiss it, rather they learned from it; in order to focus on improving the situation at hand.

Are You Managing To Prevent The Worst Or Bring Out The Best?

If most of the people in your company hit the lottery with a huge win, would they come to work the next day? If you thought "Who are you kidding?" after that question, maybe it's time to take a long hard look at how you're managing your human assets.

When Results are Disappointing

When we are feeling disappointed about the results we produced I often wonder if we truly understand the sources of our disappointment.

Empowerment Why?

A primary reason for empowering a company's workforce is to support continuous improvement programs within organizations committed to achieving and sustaining outstanding quality and performance.

How to Improve Performance by Saying No

Consider how many times you have had conversations with a person to determine if there was sufficient interest to move forward. When you determine there really isn't enough reason to move forward, how often do you call the person and just let them know that? How often do we avoid the call because we are uncomfortable saying the word "No"?

6 Leadership Actions to Enhance Positive Employee Involvement

Managers focused on high performance business results are searching for ways to maximize the contributions of all employees as their companies face increasingly demanding customers and extremely competitive markets. With heavy emphasis on high quality services and products, the most effective business leaders are recognizing that employees really are valuable resources in achieving daily business success.

Are You Outsourcing or Insourcing your Leadership?

Companies that try to do it all typically achieve less than optimum results. The same goes for those that outsource critical talent that they need to possess for business success. In some cases, this becomes a significant risk for the company.

Leadership Is About Getting Results

This perspective on leadership applies to leadership of others and leadership of self, both organizational and personal. Whether seeking to get something done through others or yourself, the implications are the same - focusing on results means taking complete responsibility for getting something done.

Manage Yourself While You Lead Others

Today’s best managers and agency owners are leaders focused on bringing out the best thinking and commitment of all employees in order to develop and sustain the most effective work processes and the highest quality products and services.

The Making of a Transformational Leader

I spent a great deal of time researching, reading and learning that transformation leadership is where a leader identifies needed change, creates an inspirational vision and then executes the change with the commitment of the employees.

The Self-Deluded Leadership Trap

It doesn’t matter whether you look at elected officials like Sanford, Blagojevich, Clinton, or Nixon or famous individuals such as Falwell, King, Jackson, Skilling, or Madoff, the underlying behavior is identical. What led to their public dressing down was their apparent belief that the rules of conduct that apply to other people somehow don’t apply to them.

I'm Someone's Management Style

I realize that in my many years of working with educational leaders, numerous corporate leaders and as a management consultant, I have taken to heart the beliefs of the best of them and made their beliefs and practices my own.

Advertising Values or "Living our Values" Can We Tell the Difference anymore?

The principle role of leadership of any group be it government organization, company, department or work team is to set the core values that drive the team.

All In Your Perspective: Are You Running Your Business Based on New Year's Resolutions or Business Goals

A resolution can be viewed as something we desire to happen aka "desirement". A goal can be viewed as a need aka a "requirement".

Leading Yourself and Others: It All Begins With You

Leaders represent the elite among the many managers and officers found in corporate America. However, for all their diversity, there is one thing all leaders have in common - true leaders get results.

Execution: It's All About Getting It Done! A 5 Part Series
Part 1 -- What Is Execution, Where Does It Start? Where Does It End?

A good strategy is a necessary foundation; however, having a solid strategy doesn't get it done in and of itself. Many times executives can get so wrapped up in the execution issues, they can lose sight of where they are really going.

Execution: It's All About Getting It Done! A 5 Part Series
Part 2 -- What Is Execution, Where Does It Start? Where Does It End?

Research indicates that team(s) committed to producing different results; display several significant characteristics.

Execution: It's All About Getting It Done! A 5 Part Series
Part 3 -- What Is Execution, Where Does It Start? Where Does It End?

A disciplined, repeatable, measurable process that can be adjusted, based on the outcome desired is the crux of achieving improved results.

Execution: It's All About Getting It Done! A 5 Part Series
Part 4 -- What Is Execution, Where Does It Start? Where Does It End?

A clear definition of the plan, helps to crystallize the vision and set the direction for the team. The small discreet action steps that can be accomplished cause the team to start building confidence as the successes add up.

Execution: It's All About Getting It Done! A 5 Part Series
Part 5 -- What Is Execution, Where Does It Start? Where Does It End?

In Part 5 we focus on creating a tight enough linkage between execution and strategy to form an iterative cycle. This linkage creates a self sustaining operational way of doing business that keeps the team focused and ready for the next challenges.

Trusting Your Gut: How to Lead Using Your Instincts

Instinct is insight based not on reason but on awareness. When we allow it back into our consciousness, we can become more effective in many parts of life, including our role as a leader.

Embedded Leadership

Never has it been more important to understand exactly what "good leadership" means. And more importantly, what good leadership does.