Customer Loyalty & Customer Service


10 Powerful Lessons on Customer Service-From a Car Dealer?

Positive customer experiences are so few and far between that when you deliver one, people remember. Let's call this competitive advantage,

Create a Climate Environment to Develop Customer Loyalty

I recently had a conversation with a colleague around customer service (internally and externally) in organizations. The question we were after an answer to was "How does an organization create a climate/environment by design which provides the opportunity for individuals to maximize their involvement in best serving the customer?"

Own Your Customers

For example, when I ask executives, "What is your unique differentiation in the marketplace?" or "What does your organization really excel at?" they often reply, "It has to be our customer service." Almost no one will admit to being lousy in customer service, anymore than they will talk about living in an average town with average kids.

The Upside of Upside Down

Whether they refer to them as raving fans, zealots for their business, loyal customers, or long-term clients, most executives today are trying to ensure their companies get and keep profitable customers.

Client Loyalty

While we have just come through one of the biggest financial meltdowns in U.S. history, almost every industry has been forced to rethink its position in the marketplace and how its "go-to-market" strategies have been affected.

Preparing Customer Facing Staff - Managing Expectations

Sometimes it is difficult draw the line between being a business person, a coach or consultant and just being a consumer. I always wonder if I am too critical or demanding because I know what should happen in the "customer experience" and have minimal patience when it doesn't.

Satisfying Clients Isn't Good Enough

Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine an agency that never seems to lose many clients.

Customer Service: Back to Basics

When times are good, it is easy to forget the smaller or one time clients, almost taking them for granted. But when times are tough, every purchase or sale becomes very important and suddenly many organizations begin to re-evaluate their customer service teams and policies.

A Sure Bet During These Uncertain Times

A loyal customer is someone who wouldn't even think of going elsewhere, in good times or bad. When there is an issue, you are the first one they call to help solve their problem.

Success Proportional to Customer Service Quality

It's evident that the bottom line success of most customer service oriented companies is directly proportional to the quality levels of their customer service.