Building Teams & Employee Engagement

The Engaged Workplace

Making Better Decisions

Rather than focus on why we make bad decisions, I invite you to shift the focus. Ask yourself, "How can we as leaders make more effective decisions?"

Everyone is a Snowflake

A consciousness of everyone's uniqueness and a respect for it will help us be more successful in communications.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why Anyone Would Want to be Led by You

Most people who find themselves in a position of leadership have no idea what that position demands.

Your Competitive Advantage is Only as Good as Your People

What is not given the attention that is needed is what happens when employees are not motivated, not trained well, exhausted, or not empowered to think

Taking Some of the Guess Work Out of Hiring the "Perfect" Candidate

Recently I have spoken to two clients who are relatively new to the hiring process. Both have expressed frustration in screening resumes and getting the right people into the interview process, ultimately making the right choice.

Are You More Productive Then You Were Five Years Ago?

Less people doing more work, ever changing demands from our clients are certainly causes of lost productivity and lower morale. In my experience, the biggest culprit of lost productivity is uncertainty.


We must start in our schools and continue to innovate in our businesses.

Leadership and Change

The ultimate test of whether you are an effective leader is: do you get things to happen, and do they get done effectively. Only the most effective leaders will be able to ride the slow upward swing of the economy.

We're a Team Right?

In today's business world, it is a commonly accepted practice that we need a team to create and deliver the business' services to customers.

Engaging Employees' "Heads and Hearts": The First Thing to Do

the best single leadership action that can be the most important and best START toward achieving successful employee engagement is

Agencies should look at employee engagement

Some frightening possibilities follow: According to research, it is estimated that American businesses may only be operating at one-third of their capacity because of the lack of a true connection with their employees.

Empowerment Why?

A primary reason for empowering a company's workforce is to support continuous improvement programs within organizations committed to achieving and sustaining outstanding quality and performance.

6 Leadership Actions to Enhance Positive Employee Involvement

Managers focused on high performance business results are searching for ways to maximize the contributions of all employees as their companies face increasingly demanding customers and extremely competitive markets. With heavy emphasis on high quality services and products, the most effective business leaders are recognizing that employees really are valuable resources in achieving daily business success.

Engaging Everyone's Head and Heart: Managing Self, Leading Others

Employee Engagement is the way that management includes the thinking and commitment of all employees to resolve organizational problems and develop improvements to key processes, products and services.

Are You Engaging?

Employee engagement doesn't have to be relegated to some soft-headed, everybody-feelgood- and-sing-Kumbaya moments. It can deliver pragmatic outcomes that most execs would die for.

A Closer Look @ Employee Engagement

Some frightening possibilities follow! According to research, it is estimated that American businesses may only be operating at one-third of their capacity because of the lack of a true connection with their people.

Helping Employees Think Better

Some recent discoveries about the brain indicate that technology is largely ineffective at helping others think, give advice or solve work-related problems. To be sure, it is time to give up guessing what peoples' brains need and, instead, to help them think for themselves.

Building Effective Teams

Building effective teams is one of the greatest challenges for business leaders today in dealing with a multi-generational workforce and weak economic climate.