Ongoing Support

Additional Support Available to Ensure Your Satisfaction

1. Updates of progress to ensure that you stay in control of your program.

2. Research or individual coaching of participants, if needed.

3. Implementation schedules can be varied if necessary.

4. Teleconferences can be arranged if needed.

5. Videotaping and role-playing can be utilized.

6. Where appropriate, Pre and Post Testing of the group and Post Program Evaluation by both participants and their superiors will be conducted in order to measure and document results for those organizations interested in Kirkpatrick Level 4 interventions.

  • Program content
  • Self description profile
  • Self assessment of potential
  • Performance evaluation by self
  • Performance evaluation by superior
  • Management style profile
  • Decision making analysis by self
  • Decision making analysis by superior
  • Organizational climate survey
  • Preliminary goals survey
  • Post program evaluation by participants

7. Three follow-up sessions and goals reviews can be arranged after the formal sessions. This is to ensure both short and long term results.