AICPA conference

Goals Achievement Techniques You Can Instantly Use

Presented by :
Doug Brown, Chairman, CEO, Paradigm Associates LLC, Cranford, NJ

There is often a significant difference in performance between organizations, and even among specific departments, that follow a structured goal planning process vs those who just dabble around the edges of the concepts. With goal-setting a common requirement in nearly every business, why do organizations often fail to achieve the desired results?

Are you ready to take your personal and team's performance to the next level? You will learn in this session that it can be done.

This highly interactive, highly participative workshop will provide a framework and insights into:

  • Achieving more goals, more often, with less frustration
  • Creating a goals-focused culture
  • Communicating the need for specific, result-oriented, clearly-worded goals
  • Understanding the critical elements of the goal setting process
  • Learning more about powerful goal achievement techniques than you ever thought possible
  • Understanding the mechanics of the goal setting process all the way through to the follow-up phase

Developing a High Performance Team that Consistently Achieves Results

Presented by :
Doug Brown, Chairman, CEO, Paradigm Associates LLC, Cranford, NJ

This will be a highly interactive and participative session where the speakers will explore methods to:

  • Use developmental coaching to maximize the contribution of each individual to achieve their company's strategic objectives
  • Ensure Controllers and their staff are really serving the needs of others outside and inside the Controller's organization
  • Determine, understand and overcome the obstacles to developing a truly functional team that performs at a consistently high level
  • Develop staff capabilities in ways that can enhance the team environment
  • Increase the likelihood of staff loyalty by matching talent with tasks in unusual ways
  • Develop more "leading" vs "lagging" indicators to add value to the organization