Executive Development

In addition to learning to look at things from an organizational perspective, one of the biggest challenges that managers and senior managers face during their careers is to make the transition from being a functional manager to become an executive leader who
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brings a developed "enterprise level" perspective to the table. To avoid the pitfalls of the "Peter Principle" (people rise to their level of incompetence) a conscious effort to develop and align the necessary attitudes, skill sets, and competencies within the individual is usually in order.


The Paradigm Associates Executive Leadership Approach

The core of the Paradigm Associates Executive Leadership process is outlined below. In order to best meet your needs while you are continuing to "run the business" on a day-to-day basis, this process is designed to be extremely flexible. This means the decisions about the frequency and duration of the implementation sessions are reached jointly.

The components employed to help both the individual executive and the organization accomplish the desired results include:

  • Written materials that ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start out with the same level of knowledge.
  • Audio materials that are effective to help the subject matter become "internalized" through reinforcement and spaced repetition.
  • A Workbook that both challenges and helps distill thought processes.
  • A high degree of interaction among participants, in order to develop both consensus and commitment.
  • A facilitator who will act as an "equal opportunity harasser" in order to maximize the beneficial outcome of the implementation.

Executive Leadership Content Overview

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The Challenge

  • includes leadership, core values.

Transforming the Organization

  • includes vision, communication, change management, alignment.

Goal Planning and Goal Achievement

  • includes creating balance, personal and organizational goals, principles of a successful plan, short-range and long-range goals, tangible and intangible goals.

Turning Goals into Sustained Success

  • includes effective planning, obstacles and solutions, self-motivation, strategies for positive growth.

Leadership and You

  • includes leadership responsibilities, understanding human potential, choice.

Formal Leadership

  • includes leadership concept, leader as visionary, as coach, as mentor, as director, authority, power.

Collaborating for Results

  • includes benefits and rules of collaboration, sharing for common goals, communication, coordination, cooperation and obstacles.

Building Teams

  • includes when to create teams, team competency, team leadership, supporting teams, trust.

Understanding What Motivates People

  • includes fear, incentive, understanding human needs.

Understanding Behavior

  • includes behavior and conditioning, attitudes, family influence, learning from mistakes.

Developing Peak Performers

  • includes habits, attitude, building success attitudes and habits, leading people to high performance.

Leadership Communications

  • includes developing trust, empathy, active listening, successful feedback, non-verbal communication.

Evaluating Professional Development

  • includes your use of time, your overall organization, your leadership capabilities.

Evaluating Personal Life Development

  • includes your mental, social, financial and physical self-development, your family life, your ethics and beliefs.

Information on Executive & Individual Coaching and Assessment Services

As a direct result of a client request back in 1987, we began working with individuals on a one-to-one basis. Coaching is a direct, highly interactive way for individuals at all levels to take advantage of assistance in developing their own abilities to their fullest potential. It puts action behind the belief that people are the most valuable asset of a business.

After many years of searching, we have found three assessments that are congruent with our people development processes. We were looking for something that without question was quantifiable, valid, reproducible, and objective. They are state-of-the-art versions of the Attribute Index, DISC Index and Values Index.

Paradigm Associates offers the combination of personal assessments along with individual coaching. This can help any individual identify and play to their strengths, identify what land-mines they should avoid, and achieve personal and organizational goals more often.