Transformation via Sustainability

Improving Your Triple Bottom Line - Profit, People & Planet

Imagine an Approach So Simple it Works!

To remain viable and competitive in an environment where the triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental success) is becoming increasingly important, clients, regardless of their size, can choose to tap into our disarmingly simple approach.

Take a moment and read the bullets in the purple, gold and green outer areas of the diagram. You see that they are all indicative of behaviors and thought patterns that are not reflective of sound, well-run companies. They reflect ongoing fire fighting and damage control as the normal operating style.

As you review the blended inner areas, you will see that many of the bullets reflect the higher levels of performance typified in well-led organizations as they are raising the bar and integrating various facets of the business.

Finally, as you read the overlapping area reflected by sustainability, you notice that all those bullets are consistent with a economically viable, thriving enterprise.

Sustainability - A Competitive Advantage

Let's Stop the Hype

There is so much hype surrounding 'Going Green' that it is adding noise to the mix without necessarily adding to clarity of thought. From our perspective 'Going Green' is just one of many possible tactics that you can choose to implement. Fundamentally, we believe that Sustainability is best viewed as a strategy.

Sustainability may be the most misunderstood business concept since the onslaught of Total Quality back in the 80's. This has resulted in a growing gap between the haves and have-nots when it comes to understanding the basics of creating a sustainable enterprise.

For many years now, well-run organizations have understood that adopting a sustainability culture and mindset, like successfully implementing Total Quality processes, LEAN principles, managing and reducing sources of variation, and insisting on well-structured Strategic Partnering arrangements, can generate huge savings that can be reinvested or reallocated to meet the needs of the business.

Unfortunately, many organizations, that have everything to gain by becoming more competitive against organizations of all size, have been so busy scrambling and working harder than they need to, they are missing out on what amounts to harvesting free money.

Simply put, the successful implementation of the principles of sustainability increases your chances that your organization will remain economically viable despite an ever-changing landscape.

If that is what you want for your business, contact us. Take the first step to find out more.