Sales Training & Business Development

Today's business is sales-driven and today's salesperson is a key link to success in business.

Sales training, sales coaching, sales management, and sales development options are offered for your business or organization.

As today's decision makers and buyers have become better educated, more informed, and more aware of available options to solve their problems, challenges have been created for every selling organization. While it was never simple to sell, it is certainly more complicated now.

More than ever, a business development team needs to have a deep understanding of both selling and buying processes and must consistently exhibit proper selling behaviors and follow through.

One element that distinguishes growing companies from stagnant companies is their ability to better train and develop their salespeople.

Your people can be a key differentiator in the ocean of undifferentiated products and services that are quickly becoming commoditized.

Sales development is significantly different from sales training. In sales training, knowledge is transferred from one person to another. When sales development occurs, knowledge is internalized, creating a behavioral change that leads to the expression of positive, results-oriented skills. Our tailored approach taps into the natural talent of the sales staff or business development person as well as develops the attitudes, skills, and habits needed for solid, sustainable selling performance.

The Paradigm Associates approach not only makes logical sense, it is eminently profitable for you.

We have the capability to manage projects in a variety of sizes, from working with an exclusive number of participants within single site organizations to coordinating and executing large projects that tap into the expertise of our 450 seasoned colleagues here and abroad.

The Paradigm Associates Sales Development Approach

The core of Paradigm Associates Sales Development process is outlined below. In order to best meet your needs while you are continuing to ' run the business' on a day-to-day basis, this process is designed to be extremely flexible. This means the decisions about the frequency and duration of the implementation sessions are reached jointly.

The components employed to help both the individual executive and the organization accomplish the desired results include:

  • Written materials that ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start out with the same level of knowledge.
  • Audio materials that are effective to help the subject matter become ' internalized' through reinforcement and spaced repetition.
  • A Workbook that both challenges and helps distill thought processes.
  • A high degree of interaction among participants, in order to develop both consensus and commitment.
  • A facilitator who will act as an ' equal opportunity harasser' in order to maximize the beneficial outcome of the implementation.

Sales Development Content Overview

overview contents...


What this program is designed to develop

  • Positive Attitudes - The essential foundation of success
  • Consultative Selling Skills - The indispensable tools of success
  • Goal Setting Techniques - The irreplaceable key to success

Pre-testing and Review of Assessments

Success in Sales

Because the world of sales and business development is changing so profoundly, fully grasping the need to reinvent ourselves and our processes is not an option

  • Understand how to tap into your sales potential
  • Better preparation in 6 areas creates more opportunities for success

Engage and create your Personal Dream Inventory

The Buying/Selling Process

Selling is a rational process that must be emotionalized. Buying is an emotional process that must be rationalized.

  • Understand the differences between a "Selling Process" vs someone's "Buying Process"
  • Understand why and how people buy?
  • Understand how to better manage the evaluation of you and your company by the prospect

Create/review your Position Description

Evaluate your Mental Self-Development Area

Your Personal And Professional Growth

So much of our ability to get results is influenced by the attitudes and habits we choose to continue to use or jettison. Either way we are making a choice.

  • Understand the source of our attitudes and habits
  • Understand where resistance to change may be coming from
  • Understand how to build attitudes for positive results


The lack of great prospecting abilities has killed off legions of well-intentioned salespeople and business developers. A wise man once said, "I'd rather be a master prospector who is a mediocre presenter and talks to a full room, than a master presenter who is talking to an empty room."

  • Understand the difference between suspects vs prospects
  • Understand how to network productively
  • Understand how to gain referrals
  • Understand how to develop referral sources and centers of influence

Defining Productivity for your Position

Evaluate your Social Self-Development Area

Planning Your Goals and Achieving Successful Outcomes

If success is defined as "the continual achievement of your own predetermined personal goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief," then goal setting in itself is not enough, it is all about goal achievement.

  • Understand the 8 elements of effective goal setting
  • Understand the 4 types of goals and their uses
  • Fully understand the 8 components of a well-constructed goals process
  • Understand how to plan out goals in a way that is consistent with the way your brain functions so you will take action more often

Evaluate your Physical Self-Development Area

Getting Appointments

Generating an adequate number of appointments with qualified prospects in your target market is critical, so you may as well make the best use of the tools available.

  • Understand how to develop and use letters and methods of introduction
  • Understand how to pick up the "5000# phone receiver" when you are not feeling good about making calls
  • Understand how to get to the person you want to take your call
  • Understand how to organize your sales funnel, activities and calling files

Communication Skills

"How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things but by how well we are understood." Andy Grove, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Intel

  • Understand the focus and goal of communications
  • Understand how to create a "sense-able" picture
  • Understand how the elements of verbal communications interact
  • Understand how to use questions to stimulate feedback
  • Understand how to stay in the moment and actively listen
  • Understand the nuances involved in nonverbal communication

Evaluate your Selling Skills Development Area

Report progress made on your Business Development Goals

Evaluate your Financial/Career Development Area

The Introduction

Before people will buy from you, they must buy you. It requires much more than just being glib and fast on your feet. You must earn the right to do business with someone.

  • Understand the needed elements for pre-call preparation in a competitive marketplace
  • Understand how to introduce yourself and begin to build trust
  • Understand what people are listening for as you introduce yourself
  • Understand the dynamics in a team selling environment vs selling solo

Gaining Favorable Attention

You can never convince anybody of anything, you can only help them discover for themselves why they should buy from you.

  • Understand how to build and maintain rapport
  • Understand the benefits and traps associated with using small talk
  • Understand how to match pace and temperament

Evaluate your Time Use

Report progress made on your Business Development Goals

Evaluate your Family Life Development Area

Discovering Wants and Needs

When we focus our attention on helping people buy, we move from transactional selling to serving others. This change in focus can create an entirely different dynamic for all concerned.

  • Understand how to position your organization's capabilities
  • Understand how and when to use reference stories
  • Understand the important distinction between wants and needs
  • Understand the 4 categories of needs
  • Understand how to surface areas of concern

Building the Case for Action

It has been said that nobody ever pulled a rabbit out of a hat without carefully putting one in there in the first place. Regardless of whether you are offering a product or service, unless the perceived value of your offering exceeds the total investment required, it is going to be tough to get someone to say "yes". Therefore you need a sound methodology and replicable process to build value in every conversation.

  • Understand how to better tap into a prospect's thought process
  • Understand how to tap into a prospect's value system so your offer makes sense to them
  • Understand how to establish quantifiable value and ROI when appropriate
  • Understand and master the use of clarifying and confirming techniques that can make everything go smoother by eliminating variables and areas of confusion

Evaluate your Ethics & Beliefs Development Area

Presenting Solutions Effectively

When you have taken the time to really understand the full impact of the prospective buyer's situation, issues, challenges or opportunities, you can almost always bring additional value to the table that others will not or can not.

  • Understand how to present what you learned during the discovery phase in a non-threatening way
  • Understand how to relate time, financial expectations, and terms in the investment required
  • Understand how to use both logic and emotion to create a compelling, convincing summary of your proposed solutions and approach that speaks to their concerns

Getting Commitment and Following Up

Always remember, you are not in the proposal writing business. You are supposed to be in the business of getting more, loyal customers or clients and expanding your revenues.

  • Understand how to handle RFPs and RFQs
  • Know the 10 rules when developing a proposal or presentation
  • Understand how to gain commitment
  • Understand why selling wide and deep allows you to better serve your customers

Overcoming Obstacles and Driving for Success

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Developing expertise in scenario planning may turn out to be your best friend.

  • Understand the difference between stalls and objections
  • Understand how to handle objections or prevent them in the first place
  • Understand how to deal with stalls
  • Tips to better manage yourself, stay more focused, and choose to make steady progress in sales

Review of Content covered

Post Program Critiques and Evaluations

Information on Executive & Individual Coaching and Assessment Services

As a direct result of a client request back in 1987, we began working with individuals on a one-to-one basis. Coaching is a direct, highly interactive way for individuals at all levels to take advantage of assistance in developing their own abilities to their fullest potential. It puts action behind the belief that people are the most valuable asset of a business.

After many years of searching, we have found three assessments that are congruent with our people development processes. We were looking for something that without question was quantifiable, valid, reproducible, and objective. They are state-of-the-art versions of the Attribute Index, DISC Index and Values Index.

Paradigm Associates offers the combination of personal assessments along with individual coaching. This can help any individual identify and play to their strengths, identify what land-mines they should avoid, and achieve personal and organizational goals more often.