New York City

Michael O'Reilly

Michael O'Reilly
PO Box 2132
Westport, CT 06880
Phone 203.524.2776

Mike specializes in helping highly-driven, type A business owners and professionals (who usually describe themselves as ADHD). Together, they clarify the growth strategy and outline what's necessary to achieve their objectives in the quickest way possible. As a successful business owner in his own right, he continues to help other business owners and professionals make sense of the challenges in their world. He understands that competing priorities, short deadlines, customer demands, and the need to meet a payroll will all come together at once. Most of his privately-held clients are interested in one of three things:

  • implementing sales and business development strategies that will double their business,
  • strengthening their internal systems and controls so that accountability is increased and more things can happen without them needing to be involved, or
  • being recognized as a professionally run firm so that they get easier access to capital and can grow the top line.

Most of his publicly-held and multinational clients are interested in growing the skills of the middle management team and leadership competency of the supervisory level staff or are focused on getting increases in sales and revenues.

Doug Brown

Doug Brown, CAIA, CBC, CDIA
805 Springfield Avenue
Cranford, NJ 07016-1835
Phone 908.276.4547
Fax 908.967.6955

Since 1985, many of the largest organizations of their kind in the world have tapped into Doug's consulting expertise and experience. As a management and sales consultant, Doug works side-by-side with an organization's senior executives and teams of thought leaders on issues of strategic importance. Together they quickly distill what strategies and tactics will be necessary to achieve their desired business results and metrics, whether via top line sales growth or bottom line profitability. Business leaders who relish intellectual stimulation and don't shy away from being asked 'tough questions' will get the greatest benefit as a result of working with Doug. Organizational leaders who are willing to question their own underlying assumptions and proactively embrace change truly appreciate his thought provoking approach. To stay grounded in reality, Doug insists that everyone bring all of their business acumen and common sense to the table. He then finds a way to leverage it to their collective benefit. As a result, they experience a tremendous return on their investment.

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Mark A. Paul

Mark A. Paul
310 West 106th Street
New York, NY 10025
Phone 347.308.4424

Mark unites his exceptional abilities to analyze, improve work processes and implement change with a strong sensitivity toward the needs of the people involved. He thrives on being able to plan and successfully facilitate projects and processes for organizations that are time critical, complex or that could put the client's business in jeopardy if not successfully executed and implemented. His approach leverages basic quantitative and qualitative analysis and a systematic, detail-oriented approach.

As a former CEO, he is comfortable working with multiple levels of management and staff to understand the importance of updating and continuously improving the information flow within an enterprise, providing internal motivation and enhancing communication. He offers well-developed team building and training skills to help managers, supervisors and leaders at all levels move into new roles and new processes in order to achieve desired results.

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