Strategic Opportunities and Assessment Review (SOAR)

A Process You Can Offer Your Clients and Prospects

Do you have clients and prospects that are not really sure what they want from the next 5-10 years beyond the thought of "playing more golf in someplace warm"?

We both know from experience that notion will start to get old for most people within 60 days. So, then what will they want to do?

The lack of clarity on your client's part makes the job of matching your various approaches and financial strategies to their desires and goals nearly impossible, doesn't it?

We offer a process facilitated by trained professionals that can help people determine and sort out what they want in both the long and short term. The process has been used in both pre- and post-retirement situations (with both individuals and couples) and can involve both personal and professional areas of life as appropriate.

Options Available

Some advisors want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we work through a process with their clients. Others choose to stay at an arm's length distance so they don't get dragged into the minutia of the process while the client is figuring it all out. The choice is yours to make on every client.

How else can it been used to your benefit?

  • as a Thank You gift for those high end clients who continue to contribute to your personal revenue stream each year
  • as a way to differentiate yourself from other advisors and competition by offering another level of personalized service

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