Dental Village

Dear Bill,

As you well know, it can sometimes be difficult transitioning a business from a Founder to a second generation, particularly when it's a family business. In hindsight, we wish we would have known about you sooner. We're very glad our good friends Rick and Jeri Crawford introduced us and that you were able to come work with us at Dental Village.

As a result of your working with us, we were able to get our dental practice and all offices back on a very healthy footing and take a major step in turning over our practice to the next generation to manage. You helped us overcome some hurdles that were getting in our way. The confidence of the manager we wanted to run the practice soared, as did our confidence in him and his number two manager. You asked us the right questions and kept us focused on defining both short and long term goals as well as strategies and plans to achieve them. In fact you helped us put the right emphasis on short term and long term so we could make immediate adjustments and avoid some imminent dangers, while setting the course for longer term improvements. As a result we were able to streamline where necessary and make dramatic, immediate improvements, AND develop clear goals and plans for the next two years.

The outcome is that we were able to make almost a $100,000 improvements in monthly profitability within the first three months. This improved even further over the last six months of last year, and we finished with close to 10% profit margins. At the same time the practice has again become a place where our employees enjoy working and contributing.

Bill, we thank you so much for helping us get back on track and approach the great results we've gotten in the past. Please stay in touch for periodic updates.

Gordon Ledingham, DDS Founder and Majority Owner