Bonsall Chiropractic and Sports Center

Dear Bill,

Wonderful news! As you know already during the goals clinic program last spring, I broke my record twice for number of patient visits per week. Since then my practice has continued growing and is now 100% over what I did last year, and I have broken my record several more times. The higher level of patient visits has continued right through the summer, a time when business has historically fallen off for me.

Before I started your program, my biggest problems were lack of organization and focus, so that I wasn't always taking the action steps I needed to achieve my goals. My delegation wasn't terrific either, I'd set goals at the beginning of the year* accomplish maybe 2/3 of what I wanted, and drop the rest because I became discouraged. Technically, professionally I'm an excellent doctor, but J just wasn't managing the things I needed to manage to grow and maintain my practice at a high level I really wanted. I told you I thought if I were better organized and more focused on the critical things I needed to do in promotion and organization, J. could double my business. That's now coming true.

Your goals achievement process helped me change what I was doing in a number of ways because you helped me not just focus on what's really important but also see how some of the ways I was acting were actually obstacles to reaching my goals. For example my insistence on doing everything myself was getting in my way. During the program I started weekly training with my staff to teach them to do more effective scheduling and be more effective in making appointments. I also was able to get them to improve the rate of converting missed appointments to re-scheduled appointments. We were really letting a lot of those go before. I've also gotten them to play a bigger part in completing progress reports. Besides helping to increase our patient visits, these things have given me more time to spend on seeing patients and on promoting the practice.

Net is my practice has really gotten a boost; I believe I can cut a year off the time to achieve another of my goals which is to buy a building and move my practice, I am even thinking now of bringing another doctor into my practice.

One last thing: one of my goals going into your program was to position myself in the community as the "sports doctor." I achieved that and more; during the spring I was named team doctor on the Coors Light Cycling Team.

Thanks and good luck to you. And please, whenever you need a reference for a potential client, I'll be g|ad to do it. Your process gets results, and I'll be glad to tell anyone else about it.

Health and success,
Bill Bonsall, DC