Wilbert Funeral Services

Engagement Results and Progress Report

Dear Greg,

Two Years have elapsed since we engaged your services and began using the resources of Paradigm Associates. I thought an update on our progress would be appropriate. As you know, Wilbert has been challenged over the last three years by the same economic headwinds faced by other organizations. Our situation was further complicated by a century old culture of entitlement combined with organizational denial. In short, the market moved our cheese.

By partnering with you as a consultant and leadership coarch, my team and I have been able to successfully navigate through a pace and magnitude of change that would normally stymie most organizations. Revisiting our accomplishments, we have orchestrated a 40% reduction in force, re-aligned and enriched position descriptions, instituted a pay for performance culture guided by a progressive and prescriptive performance management program call LEAP (Leadership Excellence and Performance), focused on critical skills development and made talent a true organizational asset that has value and creates value.

As evidence of our progress consider the following milestones;

  1. In 2008 our productivity per employee (PTI) was $44,791 and today is $97,425
  2. Gross Margin has improved 44.2%
  3. Our product quality returns are < .005%
  4. Each business unit within Wilbert is operating profitably (Metal, Concrete, Form Shop, etc.)
  5. We have positive unit volume and revenue growth year over year in 2010 v 2009

We also have two projects captured in our 2011 planning process that have been sponsored by employees engaged in CI that will require $21,000 capital and save approximately $500,000 and $200,000 respectively on annualized basis. People at Wilbert are actively engaged in making things better and mapping our way toward a better and sustainable future.

On behalf of the leadership team at Wilbert, please accept my thanks and appreciation for the work and support you have provided in helping shape our change journey and success.

Wm. Anthony Colson
President and Chief Executive Officer