State of Florida
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Dear Doug,

On October 29,1999, the staff of the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy completed our first two sessions of Executive Leadership Training, drawing upon the guidance and training provided to us by you and your organization. We used the materials provided by RAC, the Executive Leadership Manual, Action Plan, and the cassette tapes.

Seventy-eight Lieutenants and Sergeants, first line supervisors and mid-managers, attended these sessions. Their response to the materials was overwhelming. They were very complimentary in their comments to us about the facilitation of the course, for which we give you and yours the credit. We taught what we learned.

Several items of interest where brought to the table that differed from those of upper level management. We feel the issues, and perceived problems, relayed to us by these "hands on" supervisory personnel will enhance and clarify the final product we deliver to Colonel Hall. We hope that by identifying issues and working through the goal setting process, the Division will be able to create strategies for dealing with problems that will include all our members in the decision making process.

Many of the members shared with us how they had started to use the process of setting goals in their personal lives. They have begun family planning events that have enriched their lives and those of their families. They have taught their children the value of planning and setting goals to achieve higher rewards in school. They have identified areas of their family life that are missing, such as eating a meal together, and have set goals to get back into successful and satisfying habits that enrich their lives.

Many people shed tears and genuinely shared both successes and failures that had a direct impact on the classes. The inevitable was realized that a balance is needed with respect to their "life wheel". We stretched their minds with some new knowledge, and touched their hearts with concern and a sense of purpose.

These supervisors also told us of how they had begun to share the goal setting process with the members of their squads. They met with subordinates and gave them the opportunity to voice concerns and express ideas. They then turned these issues into unidentified goals that could be achieved by breaking them down into the parts that make up the whole problem. By doing things one step at a time, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle became an attainable dream.

We have enjoyed facilitating this class and look forward to future classes that will assist our members attain personal and private dreams through teamwork and goal setting.

Please pass on to all of your staff members and associates how successful the training went and how well it was received. Don't hesitate to stop by and see us when you are in Tallahassee. Thanks for all you did to prepare us for this endeavor.

Jim Howell, Chief Training Officer, Florida Highway Patrol